This is the Speaker Line-Up at the 2016 Convention

Here's who you could be rubbing shoulders with at the Convention

The NoteWorthy Convention is not your usual speakers on the circuit.

We find only REAL people who are in the trenches making things happen. And every single speaker is a MASTER of some aspect of the Note business.

They have each promised to deliver current, actionable content that you can put to use in your business immediately.

NOTE: We currently have over 50 top experts scheduled to speak at the 2016 Convention. This page is constantly being updated, so check back often!

Here's a sample of who you'll be meeting and learning from...

Jack Sternberg, Publisher, NoteWorthy Newsletter

Jack is the Publisher of The NoteWorthy Newsletter and is an extremely experienced real estate and note investor. As the “gurus’ guru”, he is well known by the professional real estate community as “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. Having been a full time investor since the mid 1970's, Jack has bought and sold and financed in excess of 1,500 single family homes and 4,000 apartment units and participated in more than of 90 million dollars of both institutional and private financing. Additionally, he has owned almost a million square feet of commercial space, both retail and office, and light industrial property. He has built new homes, remodeled existing ones, created, packaged and sold hundreds of mortgage notes and operated a full service property management company as well as both a mortgage corporation and title company. He is an expert in finance and real estate. With over 35 years of full time investing experience, Jack has a depth of experience few can match.

Hank Harenberg - Note Broker/Investor Workshops

A past Publisher of the NoteWorthy Newsletter, Mr. Harenberg is a nationally recognized speaker/lecturer in the field of private seller real estate financing--both for the private note broker and the private note investor. He has presented more than one hundred workshops and seminars throughout the country to thousands of note brokers and invesors. Mr. Harenberg has co-hosted twenty-seven NoteWorthy national conventions, and has been the keynote speaker at seven others. He has been interviewed and quoted by numerous newspapers throughout this country, including the San Francisco Examiner and the Washington Post. His articles and comments have been published in every major newsletter and magazine that serves this industry. Additional information about Mr. Harenberg and his current speaking activities can be found at and elsewhere on the internet by entering his name on one of the popular search engines.

Donna Bauer, The NoteBuyer®

Donna Bauer, nationally known as The Original NoteBuyer®, is one of the most sought after speakers and teachers in the note industry. Her students appreciate her vast knowledge and her straightforward, step-by-step approach to note buying. Over the past 25 years, Donna has specialized in all areas of note buying, including creative deal structuring, seller-carry back notes, and non-performing notes. During the short sale era, she was the pioneer of “buy the note, not the property,” as she educated banks and investors alike on the value of buying the note instead of dealing with cumbersome short sales. Her comprehensive educational package shows people how to make super high rates of return and lump sums of cash on both non-performing notes and seller-financed notes, even without your own cash to get started. She is the former owner of a title company and has managed both residential and commercial property, including a 500 unit apartment complex, an office park, and a downtown high-rise.

Jeff Watson, Attorney at Law

Jeff Watson has been a full time practicing attorney for the last 18 years, and has an active trial/hearing practice. He and his wife Lorri have been real estate investors since 1994. Their real estate investing experience includes: rehabbing, creative buying, long term holding of numerous rental properties and apartment buildings and handling several short sales in more than one state at any given time. Jeff frequently assists and represents other investors in their deals, negotiations and in litigation. He prepares deeds and other documents for a local title company and real estate brokerage.

William Le Roy

Mr. Le Roy is founder of PHOENIX Consulting, LLC, one of the Founding Members and a Principal of ProSys, LLC, and the founder of The PHOENIX Group Network, LLC. In these capacities, he draws upon more than 24 years of experience in the Legal & Mortgage Loan Servicing Industries. He has been published by The American Bar Association, University of South Carolina School of Law, Law Review, and featured by Servicing Management, Mortgage Servicing News, National Mortgage News, MBA News link, Mortgage Bankers Magazine, and DS News. Mr. Le Roy was the founding CEO of the American Legal & Financial Network. In this role, he developed all corporate strategies, and lead initiatives to expand the ALFN’s role in legal and mortgage industry advocacy, public policy, education & professional development. He is also professionally associated with numerous industry organizations, and currently holds a founding member seat on the Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions Board of Directors, and a seat on Window Rock Capital’s Advisory Board.

Kevin Cordell

Kevin is a Real Estate Investor and founder of Madison Management Services, LLC. He has been investing in real estate for about 8 years, first as a landlord, and now as a note investor focusing on defaulted mortgages, performing mortgages, and short sales. His company, Madison Management Services, provides special servicing for both private investors and larger hedge funds and institutions.

Manfred Sternberg

Manfred practices law in Louisiana and Texas. He maintains an active law practice focusing on real estate, oil and gas, business law and private money fundraising. Manfred has been Board Certified in Consumer and Commercial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for over 20 years. He has participated in founding a number of successful public and private companies with management roles that range from General Counsel to CEO. Manfred successfully completed a two year Texas Gubernatorial appointment as the first Chairman of the Texas Health Services Authority. He secured over $28 Million in funding for the planning, development and operation of a statewide Health Information Network for Texas.

Nathan Turner

Nathan is a happy family man who loves to think outside the box and get things done. In 2008, recognizing the opportunities that the US financial crisis had created, Nathan branched out from fix and flip investing in Canada and began investing in the US. He and his business partner developed a seller financing model to help people get back on their feet and enjoy home ownership again. This was his first introduction to the note industry, as they created new notes. The business evolved to where they became buyers of non-performing mortgages to acquire the assets and then sold the performing notes they created. Nathan, who is a true Canadian at heart, is now taking his experience of the note business to Canada and teaches Canadians what notes are and how to take advantage in the tremendous opportunity that exists in note investing. He is also partnering with individual investors in both Canada and the US to build portfolios for them. He enjoys seeing the lightbulb moment for new investors and the stars in the eyes for seasoned investors who sees the potential in notes.

Fred Foote

Fred Foote has been involved in the purchase of seller-created land contracts and trust deeds since the late 1980’s. Since then, First National Acceptance Company (a subsidiary of First National Bank of America) has purchased over 15,000 notes. In 2002 Fred was recognized as one of the 10 leaders in the private mortgage industry. In 2013 Fred won the Industry Achievement Award at the Noteworthy National Convention. In addition to the purchase of privately-created notes, Fred has been involved in the purchase of tax liens, loan portfolios, and the origination of both conforming and non-conforming residential loans. As a side project in 2010, Fred was the principal screenwriter and producer of a feature film set against the backdrop of the famous Scopes Monkey Trial (1925) entitled Alleged and staring Brian Dennehy and Sen. Fred Thompson. Fred is a cum laude graduate of Cornell University and a graduate of Harvard Law School. He sat next to Barack Obama in one class in law school but never saw his birth certificate.

Mitch Stephen

Mitch is a self-taught real estate enrepreneur. He has purchased more than a thousand properties over the past decade. In 2007 The San Antonio Real Estate Investors Association dedicated its headquarters in his name. In addition, He is a recognized speaker on topics ranging from owner financing mobile homes to purchasing commercial buildings. A musician and songwriter, Mitch won the Tejano Music Award's "Crossover Song of the Year" in 2005 for "Who's that Gringo," co-written by Billy O'Rourke and performed by the multiple Grammy Award-winning group, David Lee Garza y Los Musicales. Mitch Stephen shares his successful life with his wife and daughter in San Antonio, Texas.

Bill Gatten

Bill Gatten is a one of the few true "in-the-trenches" creative financing teachers who actually practice what they preach. A highly successful real estate investor and much sought-after national speaker, Bill's most recent book (of many on the subject) is the very comprehensive, humorous and irreverent: "Making it BIG in Creative Real Estate and Keeping it...This Time," a 500 page compendium of all aspects of seller-carry, no-down, no-credit-needed, no-payment creative real estate financing, featuring the dynamic "Equity Holding Land Trust(tm) System" -- the PACTrust (tm) and NEHTrust(tm). Educated at the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Bill's 45 years of work experience are in sales training, real estate investing and institutional banking (former co-owner and founder, Westlake Bancorp; and the former president and CEO of Gatten Financial Services, Inc. and Markay Equipment Leasing, Inc., Thousand Oaks, Ca.).

Terry Lewis

Terry Lewis Husband 31 years, father of 4. Licensed Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Loan Originator, Seller Finance Specialist. Terry Lewis has successfully owned and operated a mortgage company over the last 25 years. As a licensed real estate agent and broker for 33 years, Terry has combined expertise and experience fulfilling a rapidly expanding and growing need in the real estate industry, Seller Financing Compliance, Consulting, and Private Note Sales. With years of transaction experience, Terry believes that the secret to home ownership lies in that people deserve an affordable home at reasonable terms. With his experience in similar market conditions in the 1980’s, Terry has seen and experienced this before. “History always repeats itself.”

Duncan Wierman

Duncan is a Real Estate Investor and marketing strategist who combines Internet Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing to find more Motivated Sellers, Hungry Buyers, and Private Money to do more deals, faster. He understands the usability and how people interface online, which literally translates into understanding how the common internet user interacts with websites. Just because you have a great product, doesn't mean that people are going to know about it. Duncan works with real estate investors across the nation to enhance their social media and internet presence and sees to it that their marketing message is consistent to generate more leads.

Preston M. Despenas

One part savvy real estate investor, one part retirement portfolio innovator, and one part accomplished entrepreneur. Preston is a visionary helping others achieve their own personal financial goals through employing a strategy that has seemingly been a secret of the wealthy for generations. Preston is Principal of Growth Equity Group in Chicago, IL with offices in Florida & Ohio as well. Prestons passion lies in educating investors all over the country on a retirement planning strategy that he himself has employed with a great deal of success. Over the last 17 years in real estate, Preston has bought, built, rehabbed, sold, leased, managed, & brokered over 400MM in residential real estate.

AJ Poulin

A.J. Poulin is VP of Sales at Applied Business Software, Inc. A.J. has been with the company since 2001, and his intimate knowledge of customer needs has made him successful in implementing software solutions for companies across the globe. His list of clients include Note Servicing Center, Texas Note Company, Note Tracker, and hundreds more. A.J. graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Computer Software concentration. Prior to ABS, A.J. wrote software at General Electric for defense contracts, and his projects included the F-16 Fighter Jet, the Apache Attack Helicopter, and the M-1 Tank.

Victoria Varasse

Victoria Varrasse, Esq. attorney in PA, NJ, DE & NY currently serves as President and General Counsel of SMR, a private mortgage investment company that purchases, manages & liquidates Distressed Mortgage Notes. Victoria has over 15 years experience in the real estate and distressed debt fields. Victoria began her career clerking for the Honorable Gloria M. Burns, the sole Chief Bankruptcy Judge for the District of New Jersey, and then went on to practice law in the private sector at large multinational award winning law firms such as Flaster Greenberg, Wolf Block & Duane Morris. Victoria's expertise while in private practice was in corporate financial reorganization, distressed debt and litigation. Victoria is an active real estate investor, investing in residential and commercial properties, mortgage notes, tax liens, tax sales, and related assets.

Michele Garbus

Michele Garbus, Managing Partner and Owner of Real Financial Property and AERIAL Funding, LLC, has over a quarter century of experience in all areas of real estate, mortgage, finance and business management and development. She took her 12 years of experience in turning around .COM companies to achieve profitability, including taking companies Public, and applied it to the real estate and mortgage world over 13 years ago. As a talented strategist, Michele has helped many individuals and corporations see the “big picture” of their goals, and pinpoint practical tactics to help them get there. As an experienced real estate and note investor, she applies her strategic planning skills to help her companies achieve the returns and real estate solutions they require. She does this by not only dedicating her time with her Companies and Borrowers, by selecting the best solution for their needs, but also working and planning financial strategies and goals for the future. In this way, she has built a remarkable record of providing her Companies with the best of care on their investments.

Val Sotir

Val is the founder and CEO of Watermark Capital Funding Partners and Watermark Trading Exchange. Val brings over 22 years of trading experience from Wall Street to mortgage banking and in buying and selling distressed mortgage notes - an essential element of the company´s success. His career started on Wall Street as a stock broker, investment banker and securities sales professional with emphasis in trading, investment planning and research & client portfolio management. He worked in the mortgage industry from 2001-2010 as the owner of Consumer Capital Solutions. Val is the founder and serves as the Managing Director at Watermark Trading Exchange - The Premiere Note Exchange that is creating a bridge between Wall Street institutional mortgage wholesalers and Main Street retail note buyers who are usually only able to obtain notes privately on a one off basis. Watermark's trade desk is accommodating banks, larger hedge funds and private equity firms to sell their portfolios and therefore creating the ever crucial liquidity they need - and to the investors - more loans to buy at much better pricing. In 2009 Val was featured on the Cover of Forbes magazine as one of the mortgage survivors on Wall Street.

Deepta Hiremath

Deepta Hiremath is a graduate from Villanova University. She has been working in the real estate world and focuses on various investment strategies in this arena. She has over ten years of diverse entrepreneurial experience. Deepta is well-known for her ability to identify real estate market opportunities. She is currently a Founder and Managing Partner of several real estate companies and hedge funds. She purchases and manages several 2nd mortgage notes and properties in her portfolio. She specializes in due-diligence when purchasing huge pools directly from banks.

Bill Bymel

Bill is locally and nationally recognized as a leader in the distressed real estate and mortgage space. His career began as a broker representative to banks selling foreclosed properties. In 2008, Mr. Bymel founded RSI Asset Management LLC geared toward investment, mitigation, and disposition of distressed residential mortgages. He currently manages approximately $50 million in mortgages loans and real property for Spurs Capital while also owning a successful commercial real estate development brokerage based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Lindsay Gordon

Lindsay Gordon is the Vice President of Note Alliance. She is responsible for buying and selling notes, developing an investor network, marketing, and mentoring employees. Lindsay has been investing in a wide variety of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds since 2003. She began investing in real estate in 2009. She purchases, rehabilitates properties, and manages a portfolio of rental properties in Philadelphia. Lindsay has been a licensed realtor since 2010 and began investing in distressed residential real estate notes in 2011. Her immense knowledge of investing and experience in real estate has helped Lindsay to become a very knowledgeable leader in the distressed debt industry.

Mark Yuzuik

Most people know Mark from his years of performing at fairs all over the country but many do not know realize that he is also an educator and public speaker teaching the concepts and applications on how hypnosis can make major changes in your everyday life. Mark has spoken to over 8 million people around the world and, with the use of his expert level knowledge of hypnosis, has helped people change their lives by helping them to become non smokers, teach them the focus to lose weight and keep it off, and adopt the mindset and habits of the ultra wealthy. His books and audio recordings have positively changed the lives of people all over the world. Mark Yuzuik is not only world famous public speaker, educator, and entertainer, but he is also an expert in real estate having done over 1,500 real estate transactions.